Magento Development

Magento is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to run an online shop. The majority of features you may need for running a shop come with the out-of-the-box install, but it can be extended to do whatever you want.

Having worked with several shop-based content management systems (including Marketpress, Zen Cart, Prestashop and Virtuemart), Magento is the most powerful and well-coded shopping CMS we have come across, and so highly recommend this is used for any serious e-commerce sites.

Bespoke theme development

We can code your site to look exactly as you want it to, or make any tweaks you need making to your current theme.

Bespoke extensions

If Magento doesn't quite work as you want it to, we can write you extensions so that it does. Magento is well designed to allow changes to be made to its default behaviour.

Patching and maintenance

As with all open-source software, it is important to keep on top of security updates. We can apply patches, and fix any bugs for you.

Examples of our work