Site Maintenance

Once a site has been launched, there are often small maintenance jobs that are required. We can offer bespoke maintenance contracts to cover any such needs you may have.

Keep up to date with coding standards

The web is constantly evolving, and whilst most older sites should display okay on modern browsers, you may wish to take advantage of new features which have since become available. For example, sites built for desktop only could probably now do with a refresh for mobile devices.

Backups and patching

It is not possible to make a site unhackable, but it is important to take as many precautions against it as possible, and to have a way of getting your site back should the worst happen.

Any CMS will release patches when bugs are found and new features are added. If these patches are for security issues, then it is important to make sure they are applied as soon as possible, so that a hacker cannot exploit them.

It is also important to keep regular off-line backups of a site so that it can be re-uploaded from that point should the worst happen.

Adding new features

You may have specific ideas for new features you would like on your site, or change your mind as to how you want existing features to work. We can make these changes for you.

Usability testing

We have eye-tracking tools which allow us to find and fix problems with a site's design. This process involves recording a real user trying to perform tasks on your site and analysing how they behave. These tests can often flag up simple yet overlooked issues that may get in the way of a smooth user experience.

Examples of our work